Best Zelda Rando race time?

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Best Zelda Rando race time?

Сообщение Donnieclark Сб дек 16, 2017 8:19 am


So what day works best for you guys? I know some of you on Discord said you'd want to participate. March 11th is a good day for me but it's pretty early as far as planning goes. My next good day is clear up into April.

Last time it was just snarf and I, mostly because I think it was impromptu. Schedule conflicts. Damn you people and your lives.

To be clear, this is for a Zelda 1 Randomizer race. Beat the game however you can with your set of flags and your seed. We're playing with different seeds, same flags.

I'm hoping to get a good date that most people can attend before I make a thread about it. While racing with snarf is fun, more than one other player would be nice.

Please help.

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