Hours required to paint room and doors?

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Hours required to paint room and doors?

Сообщение Donnieclark Пт дек 08, 2017 2:32 pm

I have talked to some contractors about doing some painting and got some estimates of hours to do some jobs that just don't make sense and seem really outlandish - like 30+ hours to do the room and 10 hours per door!

I was hoping some people with experience here could give me some idea on how long they thinks the jobs should take a pro painter:

1) Paint the walls of a 15 x 15 ft room. Just walls, no trim or ceiling. Walls are a reasonably dark gold and brow. Doing light gray so I am assuming a coat of tinted primer plus a finish coat and maybe some touchup should do it.

2) Paint front exterior door, solid door with two sidelights, inside and out.. Going to Blue door with white exterior trim and all white interior. Door was dark before so again I assume a coat of primer plus finish coat.

3) Paint interiror french doors. Door is raw wood, 5 ft wide and has multiple individual lights on entire door. All white, so I assume one coat of primer plus finish coat.

Appreciate any info you can give me on how long you tnink these items would reasonably take.

Please help.

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