What to start a ALTTP hack with?

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What to start a ALTTP hack with?

Сообщение Donnieclark Сб дек 16, 2017 8:18 am

I have wanted to make a lttp hack for years but never got around to it because of school and other restrictions.

Now I have the time and desire to finally make one and am getting started on planning it on paper before I start fooling around with Hmagic.

What I want to know is what editor I should start modding the sprites/textures and overworld with. I have read all about blk magic and such but the only download link I could find is the version 0.09a which seems kind of broken when it comes to editing as of the moment. Is that the latest public version? I have read all about the problems with hmagic but it seems that is the only editor I can use right now.

Oh and which version of ALTTP should I use as a base (which country [e] [!] etc and date created) or does it matter?

Please help.

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http://forum.metroidconstruction.com/in ... 163.0.html

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