How to handle domestic issues between tenants?

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How to handle domestic issues between tenants?

Сообщение Donnieclark Чт дек 07, 2017 3:09 pm


I have one set of tenants that just moved in in February to a SFH. They are having some domestic issues (they were engaged when they moved in). He supposedly locked her out and she can not get inside to get her furniture/belongings. She is stating she filed a police report but they needed a copy of the lease (which I emailed her). Both their names are on the lease and they only qualified due to his income. Rent was due a couple of days ago, I have not received it yet. How do you handle these situations? I advised her to contact the police as it is a domestic issue and deals with personal property. All of this just started happening today (or that's when I became aware of it), it is still unfolding, but I wanted to be knowledgeable in regards to the law. What are my responsibilities vs. what do I defer to the police? She claims to have receipts for the furniture inside. I have not spoken to him yet. I am not just worried about rent at this point, but more if she has legal rights to personal property inside my property how do I handle this if the other tenant is not cooperating?

Please help.

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References: ... en-tenants

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